Tradition and responsibility for development in the co-creation of a modern society are our guiding principle. Abanka was established in 1955 as a branch of the Yugoslav Bank for Foreign Trade. The Jugobanka Ljubljana branch was the first bank in Slovenia for international relations. The bank was transformed to Abanka d.d. in December 1989, and was merged with Banka Vipa d.d. in December 2002, when it was given the new name Abanka Vipa d.d. The bank was renamed Abanka d.d. on 5 October 2015 following the merger with Banka Celje.

Company ID Card

Contact information

Registered office: Slovenska cesta 58, 1517 Ljubljana
Telephone: +386 1 47 18100
Fax: +386 1 43 25165
Website: http://www.abanka.si
Email: info@abanka.si
Transaction account: SI56 0100 0000 0500 021
VAT ID number: SI68297530
Registration number: 5026024
Share capital: EUR 151,000,000.00

Abanka d.d. is entered in the companies register at the Ljubljana District Court, under application no. 1/02828/00, and holds Bank of Slovenia authorisation to provide banking services and the following financial services: factoring, the issue of guarantees and other sureties, lending, including consumer loans, mortgage loans and the financing of commercial transactions, trading in foreign legal tender, including currency exchange transactions, derivatives trading, the collection, analysis and dissemination of information regarding the creditworthiness of legal entities, brokerage in the sale of insurance policies pursuant to the law governing the insurance industry, the issue and management of other payment instruments (e.g. payment and credit cards, travellers' cheques and bankers’ drafts), the leasing of safe deposit boxes, services relating to securities pursuant to the law governing the securities market, the management of pension funds pursuant to the law governing pension funds, and the provision of payment transaction and custody services.

Abanka d.d. is a member of the Bank Association of Slovenia.

Abanka’s vision

Abanka fulfils its vision in its relations with customers, owners and employees. The bank’s vision is to be Slovenia’s number one bank of choice for our customers, employees and investors.

The trust of customers is our biggest asset.

With its advanced banking services, Abanka is clearly focused on the future. The security and reliability of operations, a wide range of banking services for retail and corporate customers, and the introduction of digital services that bring us closer to our customers are the bases on which we build trust. Our values are also part of our strategy:

  • friendliness is our strength and our most sincere face;
  • excellence in our operations and processes is based on the development of knowledge, systems and mutual relations;
  • partnerships with external contractors and internal employees help build new value chains;
  • innovativeness makes us a market leader and keeps us a step ahead of the competition; and
  • execution is assurance that the bank will achieve its established objectives in a timely and high-quality manner.

History of Abanka

We pride ourselves on tradition, as Abanka began functioning back in 1955 as a branch of the Yugoslav Bank for Foreign Trade. The branch was renamed Jugobanka – Temeljna banka Ljubljana in 1977. At that time, we ranked third in terms of foreign operations within the Jugobanka system. The decision was taken by the board in December 1989 to transform the bank into Abanka, a public limited company, and to leave the Jugobanka system. A total of 26 branches operated in Slovenia at that time.

We began functioning independently as Abanka d.d. Ljubljana in January 1990. The bank was successfully merged with Banka Vipa d.d. on 31 December 2002 and was renamed Abanka Vipa d.d.

On 5 October 2015, the Slovenian banking system was introduced to the country’s second largest bank, which is built on the foundations of two reputable banks: Banka Celje with more than 150 years of tradition, and the technologically advanced, friendly and responsive Abanka. The merged bank operates under the name Abanka d.d., with its registered office at Slovenska cesta 58 in Ljubljana.

The bank focuses on retail banking and SMEs, but also provides a full range of banking services to large enterprises.

Abanka’s subsidiaries

  Anepremičnine d.o.o., trgovanje z lastnimi nepremičninami d.o.o.
Registered office: Dunajska cesta 167, 1000 Ljubljana
Transaction account:  
VAT ID number: SI94500584
Registration number: 6383807000
Telephone: (01) 56 15 670
Fax: (01) 56 15 678
Website: http://anepremicnine.si/
Email: gregor.zvipelj@abanka.si


Ownership structure of Abanka

The bank’s Share capital totals EUR 151,000,000.00 and is divided into 15,100,000 ordinary no-par-value registered shares, all held by the Slovenian government.